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As part of a long-term goal of benchmarking and an optimistic vision of the future, over the last years, we have invested efforts and resources to provide the same procedures and the same production lines into all of our establishments. 

This starting point ultimately translated into an outstanding synergy and allowed, when needed, the transferring of orders into different plants. 

Furthermore, it is noteworthy to mention that all of our establishments boast local R&D branches (to fulfil specific market requirements and consumers’ tastes), advanced labs for quality control as well as a cutting-edge technology that guarantees the full traceability of the fruit processing process.



Our plant in Verona, headquarter of the ZUEGG group, is dedicated to the production of fruit juices for the end-user as well as fruit preparations for the major food industries across Europe.

Via Francia 6 - 37135 Verona
Tel.: +39 045 82 92 611
Fax: +39 045 82 92 605
Numero Verde 800-552970

Check out the locations served by Verona in the map up here


Set up in 2010, the plant in Afanosovo is one step ahead of the others. Through a mix of modern technologies and innovative solutions, the plant ensures a capacity production of 22.000 tons per year, with minimal environmental impact.

OOO ZUEGG Russia - 249054 Kaluga Region
Tel. +7 48431 52200
Fax. +7 48431 52201
Maloyaroslavets district Afanasovo village

Check out the locations served by Afanosovo in the map up here


Our plant in Elne, near Perpignan, is dedicated to the production of fruit preparations for the food industry. By having the same features of the other establishments, the plant relies on an advanced pasteurisation system with a production capacity of 22.000 tons per year.

66200 Elne
Tel.: +33 (0)4 68 37 30 70
Fax: +33 (0)4 68 22 44 88

Check out the locations served by Elne in the map up here


Equal to the establishments of Verona and Elne, the Werneuchen plant is dedicated to the production of fruit preparations for the food industry. The plant, boasting a production capacity of over 26.000 tons per year, plays an active contribution to the unification of the different sites across Europe.

ZUEGG Deutschland GmbH - Freienwalder Chaussee 21 - 16356 Werneuchen (bei Berlin)
Tel.: +49 (0)333 98 809 0
Fax: +49 (0)333 98 809 49

Check out the locations served by Werneuchen in the map up here



The Luogosano plant, near Avellino deals with the transformation of our fresh hand-picked fruits into raw materials for the food industry. Activities of the plant include transforming the fruits into frozen cubes (either whole or in pieces) fruit puree (single-strength or concentrated) or fruit juices.

Nucleo Ind.le S.M. Sul Calore 3 - 83040 Luogosano (AV)
Tel.: +39 0827 78 21 1
Fax: +39 0827 78 21 22