We are a family business, on a mission to promote a healthy lifestyle by providing products of outstanding quality and taste for the finest food processing industries.

We seek to successfully move forward and continue to be at the forefront of fruit specialists around the globe. Through ethical and socially responsible business practises, we are passionately committed to creating tailor-made and innovative solutions for the industry. 

ZUEGG’s philosophy based on values of authenticity, nutrition and love for nature is how we do business every day.


In ZUEGG, we rely on four major values to drive effectiveness and efficiency:

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Love for Nature

Driven by passion and respect for the environment, we endorse eco-efficiency in conducting our business.

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Transparency means for us to build a genuine and fair communication with our clients, suppliers and collaborators. Our clients can count on seriousness and reliability when it comes to fulfil their needs.

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It would have not been possible to achieve extraordinary results without the commitment of our team. In ZUEGG, we carefully focus on building an effective work team to increase productivity and deliver a shared success.

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High Quality and Performance

Dedicated to release the best products and services for the food industry by successfully looking forward into the future. Innovation and extensive research are the key ingredients.