• 1890

    Despite the outbreak of the First World War, the Zuegg family starts selling apples and setting up their business into the European market


  • 1923

    Zuegg carries out the first processing of fruit in Lana D’Adige (Bolzano) to produce apple preserve. Thanks to the superior quality of its jams, Zuegg conquers the market of Northern Italy.

  • 1954

    Zuegg produces the first fruit juices under the brand name Zuegg.

  • 1962

    Zuegg opens up a new factory in Verona to begin the production of fruit preparation addressed to the finest dairies and confectionery industries.

  • 1985

    Zuegg celebrates the opening of a production plant in Luogosano (Avellino) for the first transformation of fruit in puree or frozen cubes.

  • 1991

    First expansion of the group beyond national borders takes place in Germany through the purchase of a new plant in Werneuchen, near Berlin, to produce fruit preparation for the Northern European market.


  • 2002

    Zuegg purchases the plant in Elne, close to Perpignan (France), to produce fruit preparation aimed to the French, Spanish and Portuguese markets. In the same year, Zuegg buys the Zorbig plant near Leipzig (Germany) for the production of jams and syrups.

  • 2010

    Zuegg opens up a new factory in Afanasovo, at 100km from Moscow, to produce fruit preparation for the food processing industry. In the same year also occurs the opening of Zuegg Austria GmbH , in Graz, for the distribution of Zuegg brand products in Austria and East-European markets. 

  • 2013

    Birth of Zuegg Schweiz GmbH, a new commercial office based in Switzerland, aimed at the distribution of Zuegg brand products both in Switzerland and other Northern European markets.